We do accept prepaid credit cards, however, we recommend using a credit card with a credit line, a debit card that is linked to a financial institution, or your PayPal account for the most efficient shopping experience. 

If you decide to use your prepaid credit card or gift card please read the conditions of the card before using it on SKECHERS.com. Please note, it is best to register your card with your name and billing address prior to purchasing online. Please make sure the value on the card can cover the entire order total. If there is a pending authorization on your prepaid card and your order is cancelled for any reason, it may take up to 30 days for the authorization to clear. The amount of time is dependent upon the issuing bank. You will need to keep the card throughout the entire process in case an amount is due or a refund needs to be credited. 

Please note, some prepaid cards do not accept refunds, meaning we will be unable to credit the original payment. 

If you have already submitted an order with a prepaid card and you believe the transaction will fail you will receive an automatic email that an action is required to process your order. Once you receive this email you can update the payment in "Orders and Returns." Please see this article for more details.