To get the most out of your new Energy Lights shoes (Styles 90601, 90600, 90630, 90631, 90603, 90604, 90642, 10771, and 10857)  please note these helpful tips:

  • Adult supervision required during charging.
  • Always use the USB split cable supplied with your energy lights.
  • Confirm charging cable and its connection are undammaged prior to using.
  • Only plug charging cord to a USB power source rated at 5v, 1a.

  • Lift flap from behind the tongue of each shoe, insert supplied micro USB end into each charging port.

  • Make sure the USB cord is plugged in all the way to ensure shoes are charging
  • Lights on shoes will flash while charging and will stop flashing once shoes are fully charged.

  • Your energy lights will be fully charged in about 2 hours.

  • Unplug immediately once shoes are fully charged, do not overcharge or leave unattended.

  • Do not leave them plugged in and charging over night.
  • There is an On/Off button located on the tongue of the shoe, hold down the button to immediately stop the lights.
  • These shoes are okay to wear in light rain, but please do not submerge in water or wash in washing machine.
  • Use a Magic Eraser to clean the midsole.

**Please Note; Styles 90630 and 90631 only have 2 colors of lights and they do not recharge.

**Other Light Up shoes may have an On/Off switch in another location. For example, the On/Off switch on the S Lights-Glimmer Lights style #10833 is located at the end of the velcro strap. 

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